1. Living in Your Car: You’re not literally going to be living in your car, but you will always be on the go. Whether it’s going to your internships, networking events, etc.  This is a problem only if you’re a homebody like me. If you live in a highly-congested area, be prepared for traffic and awful parking.

2. Ballin’ On a Budget: You’re gonna be on a budget for a while. You have to be willing to donate your time in order to learn from the professionals.

3. What do you do?: When people ask your parents what you do, they won’t know how to properly answer that. Heck, you probably don’t even know how to answer that.

4. Making Plans: Truth is, you can’t make plans like you use to, because chances are something will unexpectedly come up. You’re friends are going to hate you (JK if they’re good friends, they’ll understand). However, don’t use this as an excuse to be a bad friend.

5. Emotional Roller Coaster: You’re going to cry because shit doesn’t work out how you envisioned it. You’re going to rethink your life and the choices you’ve made. Should I go back to a steady, safe job? No, the answer is always no.

6. Sucky People: As with any job or industry, you will encounter people that have bad intentions and that are solely concerned about how they plan on succeeding. Don’t let these people affect you and your heart. Don’t lose faith in people. There are people that want to help you succeed and reach great heights.

7. It’s Going to Take Time: This is the one that I battle with the most. We live in a generation that is use to instant gratification. Don’t expect to land an internship and be hired right away, although that does happen in some instances. You know those individuals that are doing what you aspire to do? Well, those people have worked at it for years. You’re looking for longevity and building relationships with these people. Take your time and pay your dues.

8. Get Familiar with Rejection: You’re going to get a lot of “no’s” before someone decides to take a chance on you. Rejection is such a positive thing when you can get passed the feeling of thinking you’re not good enough. Something amazing will come along, and all the “rejection” will make sense. Also, it means that you’re brave enough to continue to put yourself out there, that’s something you should be very proud of.

Don’t let anyone or any situation deter you from following your dreams! I promise you it will all be worth it!