• Your anointing will attract what you’re supposed to extract
  • The only reason opposition is near is because your anointing is about to extract it
  • Stop letting the enemy talk you out of the power God gave you
  • You’ve already got what you need! You think you’re lacking and missing something, you think you need more but you already got it
  • You’re praying for favor when you should be praying for anointing
  • Protect your anointing at all costs
  • Sometimes it takes faith to keep quiet and let God do it
  • Don’t ask how I got what I have, ask who I had to become to get what I have
  • Don’t want was he has earned, want what he has learned
  • What type of person, what type of faith, what obstacles did you overcome to become who you are today?
  • I can love you but if you are a threat to my anointing, I will turn my back – I’ll give you my house and every dime in my bank account before I give you my anointing because it’s too valuable
  • Be disciplined in your development and patient in the process
  • It’s one thing to step into the next level, it’s another for the level to step into you
  • You’re worried about the scrimmage and acting like it’s the Super Bowl – it should make you tired, not weary. Weary is quitting. This is just making you ready for the next level
  • Your spirit doesn’t feel as strong but don’t be weary because you will overcome
  • Your sound is who you are and is not developed in good times, it’s developed in challenging times
  • You become more powerful when your back is against the wall
  • God is getting ready to release your sound and that is when your life is really going to begin
  • The reason we have to put limits on our children are not because they are afraid, but because they are not
  • You’re so weary but it’s only because you are so close to your breakthrough
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God Bless,
Jen DeLeon