Throughout my life there have been many situations where I would question, doubt, or believe in something. Whether it was because someone was seeking my advice, something that had happened to me (good and bad), something that constantly left me wondering, or something that encouraged me to believe and faith in. I may be a number of things I was unsure about, but if there is one thing that I am sure of, it’s that everything happens for a reason.

As we all know, life is full of surprises. One day you could feel as if you were the happiest person in the world, and the next feel as if you were just kicked in the stomach. We may not like some of the things that happen to us, but we have to remember, everything happens for a reason. If you don’t believe this, then let me tell you,  you will never be truly happy.

One of my problems is that when I get frustrated, I let it eat at me. But lately, I found myself not focusing on the bad in a situation, and tell myself that whatever just happened, happened for a reason. It’s so pointless to stay angry over things you cannot control, and as mad or upset as you are, try not to be. You never know how any moment today is going to impact you in the future.

Think about how you felt a year from today. I was just starting my website/blog. I started it because I felt like I wasn’t keeping busy, there was a lot of stress on my shoulders, and I wanted to prove myself to not only me, but others as well. I chose to write because I liked to vent out my feelings. Never did I think my content would actually inspire people. I didn’t know that blogging would become my passion. My point is, if all that stress didn’t happen to me last year, I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing right now. GOD has a plan, remember that.

If you really believe in something, stick to it, and don’t let anything, or anyone change your mind. Do what you want to do, say what you want to say, feel the way you want to feel if that’s what YOU want. If you want it, go for it. If you’re not sure, wait. Don’t do it for anyone but yourself. Just remember, everything happens for a reason.

“People change so that u can learn to let go, things go wrong so that u can appreciate them when they go right, u believe less so u learn to trust no one but urself, & sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together..”

everything happens for a reason

“Make it happen.
-Jen DeLeon