I have a set schedule on Sundays. Go to church and lounge around at home with the family or at my cousins. Today I was at home working on a few things and I got a very encouraging e-mail sent to me. Remember that Drake competition I was in? Well, even though I didn’t win, I knew there would do some good somewhere out in this world and here it is:

Hey girl!

So first I wanted to congratulate you on being number 2 overall in the
Drake Backstage Correspondent Competition. I bet you’re wondering who
I am.. Well I’m number 3–as in number 3 in the Drake Backstage
Correspondent Competition. My name is Catherine Joy but please call me
CJ. I just wanted to congratulate and show my respect for you as you
grind to achieve your dreams. You are truly admirable and feel free to
call me a new fan.

I hope to start my own website soon and I’d like to thank you for
showing me that 20 year-olds like you and I have the potential to
“make it happen.”


Once again, good luck and congrats!

If you’re ever in the Bay Area, don’t be afraid to let me know. =)

Catherine Limcaco

Before I posted this, I asked her if it would be okay to do so to respect her privacy. She was completely fine with posting it and told me to let everyone know that she loves Chicago and would love to visit one day. And also to let her know when I put it up so her and her friends could get all giddy like little schoolgirls.

Haha CJ, congrats on making it so far into the competition, and don’t give up your dreams! Thanks for the e-mail, you’ve sparked up another idea in my head. You aren’t the only person who has e-mailed me so I think I am going to start posting up different messages I get that are encouraging to me, and I hope encourages my readers as well.

“Make it happen.”
– Jen Deleon