Don’t Give Up Your Peace For Anything

  • Don’t give up your peace for anything
  • We’re fighting a problem God has already given a cure for
  • God doesn’t want you to be anxious about anything where you forfeit your peace
  • The enemy is after your peace so why don’t you value and protect it? He doesn’t want your house, car, etc. he will take those away to take your peace
  • Focus on what you do have rather than what you don’t have
  • What the enemy threatens you with, he doesn’t have the power to do
  • Everyone has their own terrors that keeps them up at night wondering “what if?”
  • He will bring up anything that would, should or could happen to take your peace
  • If you’re too concerned about it, the terrorist will always attack it
  • When you overcome your past, the enemy gives you anxiety over your future
  • You don’t trust what God has done and trying to keep it yourself
  • What good is all that you attain if you don’t enjoy them because you’re afraid of losing them? You asked God for someone to love you but can’t enjoy the love because you’re worried about losing them
  • You don’t trust what God has done and try to keep it yourself
  • Anxiety wins when you shut up
  • As long as you suffer in silence, the enemy wins
  • You have more praise than prayer
  • If you get rid of your pride, you’ll get rid of your problem
  • If God allowed it to happen, I know you love me too much to hurt me
  • Anytime the terrorists attack you, start counting your blessings. He couldn’t threaten to take it if it wasn’t yours in the first place
  • The enemy can’t curse what God already blessed
  • When you approach Him not in panic, then you can talk about it
  • Whenever you get bad news but still have a good attitude, that’s the peace of God
  • Regret the things you worried about
  • When it’s the first time, you don’t understand it’s normal and part of the process
  • The enemy wouldn’t attack you if he wasn’t afraid of you
  • The threat is over
  • If the enemy was going to do it, he had to do it in 24 hours
  • Look at all the stuff you’ve outran
  • What threatened you is what made you great and brought you to where you are now
  • You’re anxious because you have forgotten your steps are ordered by the Lord
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God Bless,
Jen DeLeon

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