Don’t Drown in Shallow Water

  • How are you drowning in shallow water when you’ve survived the deep?
  • You’re drowning in something you can handle and master 
  • The hardest part isn’t the beginning – It’s when you’re the closest to the shore when you’re most vulnerable to collapsing 
  • Don’t take the presence of the storm to indicate the absence of God 
  • Secret storm – The stuff people don’t know you’re going through 
  • You cannot see in a storm. That’s why He said walk by faith not by sight 
  • If you really want to see God do His best work…. Get in trouble 
  • Anytime God promises you something, prepare for trouble 
  • You only give a promise when something is going to come that will make you doubt. You don’t promise the obvious 
  • Don’t be so aware of the storm that you lose awareness of God in the storm 
  • Are you steering your life based on what you see or what you believe?
  • This too shall pass – I am coming out of this 
  • Don’t preserve the temporary 
  • God promised to get you there but He didn’t say through whom. He promised to get you through, He just didn’t tell you through who 
  • You’re putting all this work to preserve something God gave you for a season 
  • God brings some people in your life to get you from point A to point B, and if you’re not careful you’ll be stuck at point B trying to preserve what you had, not understanding God has something else to carry you along the way 
  • You’re going to lose some things and people in the storm. It’ll make you feel like a failure but it’s a temporary blessing. If it was meant to stay, it couldn’t leave 
  • The destruction of the boat could be the announcement that you arrived at your destination – Stop grieving over the boat 
  • If I wasn’t ready for it, God wouldn’t allow it. It’s painful, it hurts – but if I wasn’t strong enough to handle it He would’ve kept you here a little longer. If He chose to take you out the way it’s a sign that you can make it the rest of the way 
  • The heart of many of your problems – you’re in love with what you had.
  • You think that if your life doesn’t retain the shape you started with you don’t think it can get you where you’re going 
  • Even when life takes on another form, grab a piece of what you got left and hold on
  • Just because things are broken in your life doesn’t mean you can’t survive 
  • You can’t be saved by what it was, you can only be saved by what it is 
  • God didn’t promise to save your boat, He promised to save you 
  • You CAN make it on broken pieces 
  • Stop focusing on what you lost and start living on what you got left 
  • Every blessing doesn’t come to stay 
  • God sends people in your life for a season because you needed that at the time. If they walk away, don’t stand at the tomb of what used to be and cry over what was because if you needed them in the future they would’ve stayed 
  • All that left me couldn’t stay, and all that stayed couldn’t leave 
  • There’s so many situations that are beneath you that you don’t need to be drowning in 
  • What do you do when your senses are lying to you? When you think you can’t make it when you can, when you think you’re in danger but you’re safe… exhausted emotions 
  • Don’t be moved by exhausted emotions 
  • When you get tired you can’t trust how you feel
  • When your emotions are exhausted they will send you false signals 
  • When you get tired your perception of a situation is altered, you’ll be holding onto what’s familiar when you can hold onto the promise before you. When you’re tired you make dumb decisions 
  • Exhausted emotions make you paranoid and fearful 
  • You can survive and not be successful 
  • If you told the little girl you were going to accomplish everything you did today she would be like I’ll be so happy when that happens…. But why aren’t you happy?
  • You couldn’t imagine something happening and then you did, why aren’t you happy?
  • What do you do when survival doesn’t feel successful? Where you don’t want to celebrate? Is it that you underestimated how much it would cost you to get where you are? 
  • You made it through deeper waters, you’ve made it through stuff you should’ve drowned in, now you’re afraid of drowning in 2 feet of water? 
  • When you’re tired you can’t live under your own counsel because you will give up in 2 feet of water 
  • You may be scared to death but you’re closer now than you’ve ever been in life – It doesn’t feel like what you thought it would be like 
  • You want to get my anointing? Suffer how I suffered. Cry how I cried. When you get through it and finally get there it won’t feel like what you thought 
  • You have all these people that wish they could be you, they have all kinds of ideas of what it feels like to be you and don’t know you’re out of breath and about to pass out and at the end of your rope 
  • You didn’t come through everything you’ve been through to die in 2 feet of water

If you know someone has been through worse than what they’re struggling to overcome now, send them these notes!

Have a great Sunday,
Jen DeLeon

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