Many of you have asked me for tips in the DJ world, but my name is not “DJ DeLeon,” therefore, any advice I would give you would be completely irrelevant. So, I asked my friend DJ Mo Beatz for a little help. For those who may not be familiar, Mo Beatz is a producer, radio DJ and tour DJ for Big Sean.

These aren’t the typical DJ tips you expect to find on the internet or read in a book: how to get your name out there or what equipment to buy. Don’t get me wrong, Mo Beatz had a lot to say about that, I just wanted this to be about the stuff you would have never really thought about:

Tip #1: No drunk girls in the DJ booth.
They will be in the booth all night touching stuff, requesting songs saying ‘let me play the next song’ thinking they can DJ. Man, get your drunk ass out of the DJ booth.

“There might be an exception [but that’s rare]. She could be drunk and really hot, and not be annoying, which means you’ll probably score at the end of the night.” – DJ Mo Beatz

Tip #2: Your hot girlfriend WON’T work.
Hey local artists, this one is for you. Sending your hot girlfriend and their two friends to request your music to another DJ or artist, doesn’t make you look like you’re popular. The DJ probably knows this is your girlfriend, along with your friends that came with you. He/she knows exactly what you’re doing…

“It has to be real fans that want to hear this music. Not just your friends asking to play this song.” – DJ Mo Beatz

Tip #3: Don’t forget your laptop stand.
I asked Mo Beatz the one thing he always seems to lose/forget, and it was his laptop stand. Make sure you check for that anytime you leave a gig.

“I’ve lost my laptop stand in London and Japan. They’re only $100, but after so many times of losing them, it starts to add up. I’ve learned my lesson.” – DJ Mo Beatz

Tip #4: Be careful with your requests.
You’re going to get a lot of requests, don’t just play it just to play it. Make sure it’s something the general public would like as opposed to playing it for one person because YOU are responsible for the dance floor. If people stop dancing, they aren’t going to look at the person who requested the song, they’re going to look at you. Say this to yourself out loud: “I am not a jukebox.”

“If I’m at a hip-hop club, and someone requests a country song…. c’mon now. I have hundreds of people to cater to musically. When I’m turning down a request I’m either just blunt and say ‘no.’ Don’t say ‘alright’ because they’ll keep asking you.” – DJ Mo Beatz

Tip #5: Five people max for coat check.
You will be the designated coat check for your friends when you’re DJing at an event. To make your life easier, only look out for 2-3 friends, but 5 is the absolute max or you’ll go crazy. It’ll distract you because while you’re mixing they’re all going to be looking for their shit. First come, first serve.

“Back in the day I would DJ at this club [Tiki Bobs] every Thursday, and I would know everyone at the club so everyone would ask. Everyone would be like ‘oh it’s just one, it’s just mine’ until I look back and I see a pile. The worst was when it would be the end of the night and I’m still spinning and they’re asking me to look for their coat. I’m not coat check and I can’t look for your shit, I have to DJ.” – DJ Mo Beatz