022Everyday for lunch, no – everyday for every meal of mine, I go out to eat minus the occasional frozen Friday’s potato skins and making some chicken and rice. Really need to change that, I know – but that’s not happening in the near future.

Today, I had to dig through the trash at Wendy’s. Why? Because I’m a dumbass and accidentally threw my keys in the garbage. Sadly, I didn’t notice until I was already walking to my car, but the reason I threw them was because I hate carrying a purse. Actually, I don’t like carrying things period and I’m never bringing anything along with me other than my phone, I.D. and a debit card (I hate carrying cash) – so what’s the point? That’s what friends with pockets are for.

Anyway – I approached the Wendy’s security guard (yes, this Wendy’s has a security guard because the people you encounter in the Hollywood streets are crazy), and said, “This is embarrassing, but I threw my keys away.”

She handed me a latex glove and let me dig through the trash. Thankfully, the only food that was in there was mine and David’s (a co-worker/friend I almost always go to lunch with because we are the only ones that like to clog our arteries) but it was still kind of hard to find my key. When I finally found it, the security guard goes, “no wonder I couldn’t hear them when I was shaking the bag, it’s just this tiny thing?!” My car (Nissan Rogue) doesn’t require a key and it’s only a remote. So, as long as the remote is in the car, you can start/stop the car.

Sidenote: I highly recommend that car – it’s amazing with gas, it’s comfy and you don’t need a key. If you’re picking between a Rogue and a Murano, go with the Rogue, because the Murano eats up so much gas (my mom has this car).

Another sidenote: I was going to have David take a picture of me digging through trash in that crowded ass Wendy’s, but he didn’t have space on his phone.

Anyway – Guess you learned 5 things about me today: I don’t eat anything other than food I shouldn’t be eating, I need to expand my diet, I don’t like carrying things, I heart Wendy’s and I drive a Rogue.