This all started some time in November 2016. I was trying to pull a shirt from the top shelf of my closet, and of course, the whole stack fell on the floor. It was one of those days where I was overwhelmed with so much to do, I was just over it. So, I knocked down everything and took out every piece of clothing in my closet to finally clean my closet. Seriously, I threw it all in my living room and went through everything one-by-one separating it into clothes I wanted to keep, clothes that didn’t fit/donate, clothes to throw away. It didn’t help that I had been the same damn size since high school so there was just so many. BUT, because your girl has been in the gym, I discovered a lot of clothes didn’t fit anymore (ayeeeeeee) and I was happy. It felt so good to feel like my closet lost weight and was clean – that I wanted to just clean out EVERYTHING!

Phone, notes, emails, people – It was all time to go. I had 1700+ contacts in my phonebook, 400+ text message threads, 1400+ notes, 4000+ emails and I deleted everything that was no longer needed. I felt free. Once I was done cleaning my phone, I started to mentally even cut off people (I’ll save that for another blog).

Today, I challenge you to declutter your life. Why keep the piece of clothing you haven’t worn in years? Why keep a contact on your phone of someone you will probably never talk to again? Why keep a text message thread from someone you haven’t spoken to since 2015? Why keep your inbox full with emails that aren’t even important? When you declutter your life, it helps you be more focused, more free. Who and what do you need to declutter?