When Alvin and I first met each other we both thought the other one was mean and not approachable whatsoever. It was in 2009 for the first FIA meeting at UIC. I remember not knowing where to go, and asked him because he looked like he would know.

Anyway, if it wasn’t for that meeting I wouldn’t have met such a great friend in my life. Ever since day one he seriously has been there through everything – whether that’s helping me out with my first benefit show ever, driving me because I didn’t have my car in the city, or just for simple advice. He’s definitely someone I can rely on, which sadly is only a very few people in this world.

We have been friends for over a year now, but honestly people would question and think we liked each other, but that is not the case at all. We look at each other like family, and that’s why we just introduce each other as cousins just to avoid any conflict. (Sorry to anyone who sees this and is upset that we didn’t tell them the truth lol)

Of all the random talks and hang outs, I think the best one was for my birthday last summer. It was a terrible day to begin with. I had school from 9AM-12PM, then I had NBC 1PM-6PM, and other personal things going on. I actually didn’t plan anything at all for the actual day but Alvin forced me to go out and took me to Taste of Chicago (which was the first time I had ever gone). I never told you this, but you seriously turned my birthday around. I really was expecting to just go home from work, go to bed and do it all over again the next day, I was sad I couldn’t spend the day with my family or any friends because I was completely busy and it was a weekday, but it all ended up being great. Thank you for that.

Even though I thought you would be a really mean person from the beginning, and you said I was too glittery, you ended up being a great person lol. You have a very big heart, and I know that you will – well you already are successful with life. Can’t wait to make some toast about you at your wedding… be prepared because I am going to embarrass you.