This was a challenge that was trending back in the summer, but I don’t care – I am going to start it now because it is interesting.

Day One: 10 things you want to say to 10 different people

Person #1: I feel like you have a lot of connections, but you give people a lot of false hope. Not to be mean, but you shouldn’t tell people you are going to do something, and not follow through. It’s even worse when you try to avoid confrontation. You’re capable of a lot and I see a lot of success in your future, but you need to slow down and think before you make sudden moves. Don’t commit to something if you don’t really think you can.

Person #2: Okay honestly, I didn’t slash your tires lol. One, I don’t have the strength to do that, and two, no motive to. (I’ll explain this story in another blog, it’s funny high school stuff)

Person #3: it’s a Jason Derulo song. The song itself sounds bad, but you’re smart enough to figure it out lol.

Person #4: You’re a smart person, but I think you let your past mistakes hold you down. I wish you had more faith in yourself because I have so much faith in you, don’t give up!

Person #5: I’m glad we’re okay with each other now, and I can’t believe we didn’t talk for two years. Lol that was so stupid.

Person #6: We used to be really close, but I feel like you don’t talk to me anymore because I am friends with your ex. You should know me, I’m not one to hold grudges towards other people because of problems they have with my friends. I don’t like choosing sides because it’s just not my business whatsoever.

Person #7: Even though we don’t talk as much as we used to, you’re always going to be one of my best girl friends and I love that when we do see each other after awhile, it’s still the same.

Person #8: Everything with you is just random. Literally, everything. It’s weird, but funny at the same time.

Person #9: Lol stop lying, it’s irritating.

Person #10: Okay seriously, what were you thinking?!

I wonder how many people who read this will think this is about them, but then it isn’t and vice versa. Muahaha you’ll never know.

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