UPDATE: Why I Don’t Own/Use Business Cards


Back in April of 2010 I went to a Johnny Cupcakes meet and greet. I will go more in-depth about Johnny in another post because I have some great stories behind the two encounters with him – but, now is the time to give you guys some advice for the brand you are trying to build.

I went to the meet and greet with some people from GoWhere, and we asked him what was one piece of advice he would want to share with people that was business related – he shared something about business cards.

His advice about business cards was to not invest in cards that are just like every other business card [those shaped like a rectangle] because those can easily get lost. Instead, spend your money on creative business cards that will make you stand out. It will be a bit pricey, but in the end, well-worth every penny.

I made the mistake of getting the everyday business card, and now I have been doing some research on a new one I’d like to invest in. My favorite kind so far are the credit card looking ones, but some of you may have an interest in other kinds. Here are some pictures of creative ones I think you guys would like: I bet it will make you want to go out and invest in some new cards.