Go ahead and make fun of my title, I don’t care lol I have a lot to say about this series!!

My dad and brother were rooting for Cleveland this whole series, and you don’t know how many times we went back and forth about this lol. So DAD, CHRIS – hope you’re reading this.

WELL, even though I had ticketmaster open & my credit card ready since the halftime report – unfortunately, the Bulls did not make it.

BUT – unlike some people who are just mad and saying they suck and saying they expected this is what encouraged me to write this quick blog tonight.

Forget the fact that we didn’t make it to the next round and remember Cleveland was the #1 seed and Chicago was #8. How many times did we hear “it’s going to be a wipeout” before this series even began?! Yeah, it may have been Cleveland 4-1, but it wasn’t a wipeout because let’s not forget at one point we were leading cleveland by 21 points in game #3!

So my question is, why is it that this year and last year we have made it not an easy-run to the #1 seeds at the times? We brought the Celtics to game #7 (and I know Celtics fans are just thinking ‘they didn’t have Garnett’) but then that’s just sad if they need to depend on one player to get far. The BULLS are a good team, and they fought a good fight.

I will give it to Lebron, he is an amazing player. But let’s not forget, Rose was rookie of the year and this is his second year in the NBA. He definitely has the potential to be at the same level as the king. How many times did he get hurt in the series? Rolling an ankle, hurting his wrist – but he always fought through.


Then look at the other players: Noah was the rising star and most improved in the NBA, Hinrich stepped up his game, in fact – they all did.

Yeah, the calls SUCKED tonight and i’m pretty upset about not being able to see another home game until next season, but it’s not over!

Cleveland #1, Chicago #8 – point is, everyone thought this was going to be a complete wipeout, and it WASN’T.

Well, that’s all I needed to let out after this loss because the fans freaking out about them and the loss was annoying. That’s everything off my chest within 5 minutes of that buzzer going off tonight, what do you guys think?

“Make it happen”
– Jen DeLeon