Blog IdeasWell, it’s 4 A.M., and I went from wanting to just separate posts into categories to make my site easier to navigate, to changing the entire layout of my site, to blogging.

I have been getting way better with updating my blog (with the exception of me suffering from jet lag) and have been posting at least 3x a week. This new layout is a blog style now, so it just shows the recent posts, making it much easier to navigate. Ideally, I’d like to post everyday, and will probably start to because something new and random always happens in my life, and I want to remember everything.

Anyway… today, my friend Tony and I (we almost always get lunch together during work) went to Panera because we were craving it for 2 days, and were trying to take a break from the usual McDonald’s, Wendy’s, all the shit we know we shouldn’t be eating, but can’t help it. We always have great conversations, but today while we were driving back he blurted…

“I think it’s so funny that you turn all your conversations into blog posts.”

He’s right! I’d say a majority of my posts come from different conversations, and the reason I do that is because obviously if it was a topic that two individuals could relate to, other people in the world can too.

That being said, my advice to anyone who wants to start a blog, or has one already, is to stop over thinking when you’re trying to figure out what to write about next – and just refer back to the conversations you had. Just from our hour lunch, I came up with the 5 topics below:

1. The Secret Behind My Blog Ideas – Well, you’re reading it now.
2. The Ugliest Side Of Me – We talked about how envy brings out the ugliest sides of people, and went into more detail about what brings the ugliest side of ourselves. He was very surprised at what mine was because “I’m usually just chill” – but don’t be fooled, I definitely have my flip the fuck out moments behind closed doors lol.
3. Hidden Agendas – I was telling him about something funny that happened a few weeks ago, and we were trying to figure out why this person was acting he/she was towards me. Felt like we were trying to solve a crime smh.
4. How to Secretly Take a Photo – This sounds kind of stalker, creeper status,  but I swear it’s not lol. We were just trying to get a picture of some dude that looked like Skee’s cousin and did it in a funny way.
5. My Pregnancy Cravings – Alright I’m not pregnant lol, but the title is catchy enough to make you want to know what the fuck I’m talking about, right?

After you start paying more attention to your conversations, keep a list of them in a notebook, or what I do, on the “notes” app of my phone, and just work down the list. I’m constantly coming up with ideas, and currently have 32 topics on my list – but I bet I won’t end up writing about some of those topics until 2015 because again, there’s always something new to talk about.

So… look back at today, yesterday, or the last week. What conversations have you had that could turn into a blog post?

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