Today was a good day. After an intense 2 days of moving into my new spot and preparing for SXSW, I was able to wind down for a few hours before my flight. Not going to lie, I was super stressed out (and crabby), until this man on the street made my day.

When I was running errands this morning, I saw a blind man trying to walk up the street. He didn’t have a cane and was taking baby steps trying to reach for a wall. I was on my way to the post office, and when I came back, he wasn’t there. I ran upstairs to drop off a few things, and although my heart was set on Burger King, my friend suggested we get Popeye’s – so I ran back down to get it.

When I walked outside of my apartment, I saw the man again in the same spot so I ran across the street. Too much of a coincidence so I ran towards him and asked if I could help him out. At first he was quiet, but then he smiled and said, “well sure.” I locked my arm on his, and asked where he was headed and he said Hollywood Blvd. It was so cute though because he had asked if I was headed that way because he was trying to be considerate. I wasn’t (there’s a back way to Popeye’s that I take), and I said “no, but it’s okay, I can take you there. Where are you headed?” His answer?…. Popeye’s.

I got so excited he probably got scared lol. I yelled, “WHAT?! Me too! We can go to Popeye’s together!” and he started laughing. I was meant to cross paths with him.

Anyway… the conversation first started with me asking what he gets at Popeye’s and then halfway down the blvd, I got his whole story. He lost his vision because he neglected it when he was starting to lose it when he was younger, but is scheduled to get surgery next month. He can see things if they’re under great lighting like a lamp and up close, but other than that he unfortunately cannot see.

When we got to Popeye’s, the employees knew him and his order (which he told me would happen on the way there). Much respect to Nick and the other guy (didn’t get his name) – they rushed to get his food to him, helped him to a table and back on the blvd. While I was waiting for my food, the first guy goes, “I thought you were Gerry’s date! We were thinking ‘WOW great work G!” I start laughing and he goes, “that was really nice of you. He’s a regular here, but no one has ever brought him in. We always see people just walk by him when he’s out there. Thanks for doing that.” That made me want to cry.

To anyone reading this, if you’re ever in Hollywood and you see a man trying to find his way, help him out. I could tell from his energy he has such a great heart – and no one should ever have to struggle like that everyday.