A-RELATIONSHIP-With-GOD-is-IMPORTANTQuestion: What’s your religion? 

For those who know me personally or follow me on any social media, know that I have a very strong faith and relationship with God – but one thing I’ve never spoke on is my religion.

I always get asked if I’m religious, or what my religion is – I don’t like using that word because it’s a touchy subject and I never answer it in a way one would think.

Let me take you back to my past.

My parents raised me in a Catholic Church where I did everything from CCD classes to my communion (middle school). After that, my aunt took my cousins and I to a Baptist Church (college). As of April 2013, I attend a Christian church in LA.

When I was going to church back at home (Chicago), part of the reason was to please my family. I didn’t like going to the Catholic Church because the services were repetitive, and I didn’t like going to the Baptist Church because it was very strict.

Don’t get me wrong, I learned a lot and I’m not trying to bash on any church or religion, but I’m very happy with the church I attend in LA, and have grown so much spiritually since I started attending.

Now, I’ve attended three types of churches – so what religion am I? None.

I used to think going to church, and being a good person is what made God the most happy. I also used to think there was a right and wrong religion – I was wrong about both.

Whether I enjoyed going to church or not, the common denominator of all the churches I attended had nothing do with the church – the common denominator was that I always believed in God, which is truly what makes Him happy.

Of course, the other two things make Him happy as well – but take my past for instance. Do you really think God was jumping for joy when I was going to church for the wrong reasons? No. But, that’s probably what needed to happen in order for me to realize that my mind and heart are right where they need to be today – because I have my past to compare it to.

So, to answer your question, I don’t have a religion – I have a relationship with God.

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