Ask Jen: Which preachers do you listen to?

Praying-Hands-over-BibleI attend church and watch at least one preaching per week, sometimes even three. I shared that on Instagram, and one of the comments was, which preachers do you listen to?

I watch four different people, and they are all connected to each other, which is probably why I love them all so much: Toure Roberts, Devon Franklin, TD Jakes and Sarah Jakes.

It all began with Toure Roberts when I found a church home in Los Angeles, One Church LA. Then he had a guest speaker, Devon Franklin, then Sarah Jakes who became the first lady of One Church and then her father, TD Jakes. What I love about all of them is that they’re very transparent, candid and have personality. There’s never a preaching that I attend/watch that bores me and I always get a good laugh at some point. Of course, each one has impacted my life more than you could imagine.

I recently created a playlist of the preaching on my YouTube, but I also tweet them out as well. Below I’ve added my favorite video from each person to give you an idea.

Devon Franklin Long from Touré Roberts on Vimeo.

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