Are You Listening?

The Preceding Word of God – TD Jakes
  • The question isn’t is God speaking, it’s are you listening? Don’t doubt that I’m talking, I’m doubting that you’re listening
  • There are people with a good heart but so distracted with noise and lose sight of what they heard
  • God doesn’t just give permission, He gives foundation
  • If God is going to restore your soul, you have to be still – The devil is trying to keep you busy so you can’t even get a word from Him
  • The enemy can’t stop Him from talking, but he can stop you from listening
  • Sometimes the enemy will put people in your life to break your focus
  • I need to hear from God
  • There’s a lot of things God wants to talk to you about, but you cannot bear them right now
  • Wouldn’t you want to remove everything you can to hear what God is bearing than not hear the word of God?
  • Obedience is better than sacrifice
  • There’s no reason to ask God what His will is if you’re going to ask Him a bunch of questions – He is not big on details, He just tells you what the end is going to be
  • Stop with all your questions and say “YES”
  • God is going to give you the cliff notes of your destiny because the rest doesn’t matter
  • When you get through all that you’re going through you will get to that promise
  • I don’t know when or how, or who it’s going to come through or how long I have to cry – But it’s going to happen
  • If you got His word, it shall come to pass
  • Just because you know it, doesn’t mean you remember it when you need it (when you’re in a storm)
  • The Holy Spirit is a tattle tale
  • If you really think God is going to do it you better lift your head with expectation
  • The enemy is after your peace and joy and trying to destroy your promise
  • God shows what’s mine before it’s mine
  • God will give you the desires of your heart does not mean He’s going to give you what you want – He’s not Santa clause. He will show you things to come so you won’t go after things that are things
  • You only want to go after what’s yours
  • A vision is a preview of a coming attraction
  • How do you hear from God? A lot of people that said the Lord said that… He didn’t say that
  • Don’t be discouraged when people don’t get it
  • Why do people get to be crazy but preachers don’t? We all came from the same place. Cause I’m a doctor I can’t get the flu
  • Everyone will talk about the what of it but until you understand the why of it you will never get to the next level
  • If you want to change lives, you can’t gasp at the “what” you have to dig for the “why”
  • What did you not get that you’re still wrestling with today?
  • Why is nothing never enough for you?
  • Why do you keep needing this reinforcement? “You didn’t say I love you today” What cracked you so bad to make a hole that everything I keep pouring into you keeps leaking out?
  • You can’t fix the what until you understand the why
  • As long as you keep worrying about your name and not God’s you’ll never get to the next level
  • The spirit is trying to heal you so you don’t need people like you do, validation like you do…
  • You do more for your flesh than you do for your spirit
  • You are more focused on your outside than you are on your inside
  • God has to get in your spirit before He can change your life
  • God has to get in your spirit so He can heal you

Thanks for taking the time to read my church notes. If these inspired you, pass them along to someone who needs some inspiration too.

God Bless,
Jen DeLeon

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