trustThis is a tribute to those who truly can distinguish the truth from a lie.Those who are fair and realize that there are always two sides to a story, no matter what they want to believe.There is always the truth.There is always the lie.To those who believe that you can’t get anywhere with lying, that the truth will set you free.An ode to those who apprehend that it’s not okay to lie. To those who never find someone else to blame.To those who understand that the only one responsible for their actions is themselves.To those who realize that there is no such thing as a white lie or a half truth. The truth is the truth. A lie is a lie. To those who grasp that the truth is heavy and rarely simple. To those who realize lies are painful and cause a great amount of stress. To those who know that the truth should always be told, no matter what the consequences.To those who realize how much a single lie could destroy something so great. The ones who know that the best ammunition against lies is the truth. To those who never lie so there is no need to remember what they said.To those who understand you never find yourself until you face the truth. To those who deem the cruelest lies are the ones that are told in silence.To those who comprehend that the truth it the only safe ground to stand on.To those who figured out that a liar will not be believed, even if they are speaking the truth.To those that think that the truth is beautiful and a lie is nothing but ugly.To those that understand that reiteration does not transform a lie into a truth.The truth always hurts.. and so we lie.