SuccessI’ve been reflecting on every aspect of my life these last few weeks, and although I am happy with where I am on a professional level, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not as successful as I could be.

Yes, it’s disappointing to think that, but – I am also not worried about it because it’s a learning process, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, and with time – I will without a doubt accomplish all of my goals. Here are 5 reasons why I’m not as successful as I could be:

If I could learn to be consistent with my career, brand (and life for that matter), I would be a lot further than where I am today. There are a lot of things that factor into why I can’t seem to be consistent, which you’ll continue to read in this post.

I definitely work hard, but it’s not the the same capacity as I did when I was in Chicago. Why? I got too comfortable. When I was in Chicago, I was hustling because I didn’t have connections, and interviews were every once in awhile. Thanks to God, and the people who believed in me – it has become a consistent thing, but sometimes, because I know I or someone I work with has the direct contact, and I’ll see this artist/athlete/actor/comedian again, I won’t push on opportunities immediately because it’ll happen eventually. You know how they say comfort kills? Yeah, it really does.

There are so many things I need to do at once, that sometimes I just get overwhelmed and don’t want to finish the rest of my to-do list. The other problem is that I don’t set schedules of when to do certain things so it’s up in the air. This is especially dangerous on a “free day.” You think you have all the time in the day to do it, so you continually push back whatever you need to get done, that before you know it, the day is over and you didn’t do it. I keep telling myself I’m going to do this, but I recommend setting actual times of when you’re going to do something. Don’t treat your “free day” for what it is. Treat your free days like you still have a job to do and stop putting things off.

I come up with some new idea what seems like everyday. I get so excited and want to try it right away, but when I do that, I forget about the other things I was already¬†doing or trying too. This also ties in with consistency. When you try to do too much at once, you’ll get nothing done because you’re dividing all of your energy. Put your energy into one thing, then when you have that figured out and can keep it consistent, you can start putting your energy into another.

I struggle to separate my emotions and personal life when it comes down to work and getting things done. I mean, I’m not terrible at it, but you’d be surprised if you knew how much I let it impact my work. I wish there was an on and off button when it’s time to be in the zone, and a time to deal with the stress, but there isn’t. It’s something you have to unfortunately discipline yourself to do.

When I was thinking about my accomplishments and how far I’ve come in the last 5 years, I was proud of myself and feel successful – but, I can’t help but think how much further I would be if I could eliminate the 5 things I just mentioned above. Definitely going to work on these, and looking forward to what’s to come.

What is keeping you from being as successful as you could be?

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