Back in high school I was involved with cheerleading, went to all the dances and all the events. My original plans were to go to UIC or DePaul and continue with cheerleading, but then I ended up at Columbia, why?

1. Professors all work in their fields.
My into to Journalism professor, Jonathon Choe is a CLTV Reporter and my other professors have their own business show or write for Chicagoland newspapers.

2. You can start classes for your major right away.
I am almost halfway done with my Journalism courses and have about three left to complete my minor (Marketing Communications – Public Relations). I love that we can start our Freshman year and I am not stuck with science and math classes my first two years.

3. They’re strict.
For my Journalism courses if you miss three, you fail. If you get lower than a 74% you have to retake the course. You would think this is inconvenient, which in a way it does when you don’t feel like getting up, but it is beneficial to me because it keeps me accountable: going to class and keeping up with my work. You need a 3.75 to be on the Dean’s List and that is exactly what I want to do.

4. It’s in the city.
There’s always something to do and I couldn’t stand being stuck in one campus in the middle of cornfields. The Chicago market is perfect for what I am studying.

5. Strong Journalism and Internship Program.
The school is well-known for my major and have great connections.

Yes, it is a downer that I miss out on the big football games and don’t get to cheer anymore. I feel like I didn’t and won’t get the full college experience and it is super expensive. BUT, from the way things are working out right now, it was all worth it and the good truly does outweigh the bad. Let’s get it, graduating a year early 🙂

“Make It Happen.”
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