no-twitterI think it’s safe to say we all love Twitter – but with everything in life there’s always pros and cons. Today, I want to rant about what I hate seeing on Twitter. I apologize in advance to anyone this offends (because it definitely will) – but just listen to my advice and stop doing this shit.

The Same “Followers” Notifications – It’s so annoying when people follow, then unfollow, then follow me. Make up your mind! I know that people usually do that to get someone to follow them, but the more you do that, the more I don’t want to follow you.

Follow Demands – I’m going to need people I have never met to stop tweeting “follow me” or “follow back.” One, I don’t like when people tell me what to do, and two, I don’t know you. I only follow people I know and hard core supporters – and I mean that in the least bitchiest way possible. It’s just, I am constantly on Twitter – so when I’m reading tweets, I’d prefer them to be from people I know.

Check Your DM Tweets – If I got the notification of your tweet, I probably got the notification of your DM. I don’t need two reminders. Thanks.

Tweeting Every Minute of the Day – Twitter has a limit of I believe 300 tweets per day? Yeah, that needs to be cut down to like 20 immediately. I cannot stand when I see someone giving a play-by-play of their day. We don’t need to know when you’re filling up your gas, we don’t need to know when you’re going to the bathroom, we don’t need to know any of that. Please. Stop.

Well… this post made me seem like an asshole – but I think it’s safe to say many of you agree with me. I love Twitter – love all the people I follow, love the people who follow me, love everyone… just chill out on these things and everyone will be happy!