5390663_f260Well, I am heading back to Chicago and LA tonight (Philippines is 16 hours ahead of LA) and I want one of my last posts before I go to be Philippine Superstitions I learned about on my trip.

My Lola (Grandma), Aunt, Cousins and Mom shared a lot, but here were some of the most interesting:

1. Siblings cannot get married they same year – If they do, it’s bad luck for one of them.

2. When you’re pregnant, you have to sleep with your feet facing the door to have a smoother pregnancy.

3. When you go to a wake, you’re not supposed to go home right away or else a spirit will follow you.

4. Don’t sweep the floor at night, because you sweep away the goodluck.

5. If someone falls and no one sees them falling, it means a spirit/guardian angel caught them. (This actually happened to my cousin – it’s a crazy story. I’ll save that for another post).

6. Birthmarks are based off of what your Mom ate when she was pregnant with you. I have a pink/red birthmark, and my brother has a dark one. She says she ate a lot of watermelon with me, and drank a lot of coffee with Chris.

7. You can’t spend money on Monday because that’s the start of the week. If you do, that means you will spend a lot of money for the whole week.

8. If you’re lost, turn your shirt inside out so that you will see the way back. My Lolo (Grandpa) cut my Aunt off when she shared this one and said “YOU SHOUT.”

9. You have to collect 12 circled fruits for the New Year so you have a fruitful year.

10. If you eat a twin banana (see picture in this post), you’ll have twins.

11. Make sure you’re not sleeping when a funeral passes by because… they don’t know, so that makes it even scarier.

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