January 15, 2010

Apparently my body does not like sleep so I am sitting here in my room working on the new stuff for this year. I have a lot to post from my vacation in the Philippines and a lot of new news! The picture in this blog is from the Philippines, I decided to use this one because I already miss my family there so much! Anyway, let’s start with these last few days.

First, the high school I graduated from wrote an article about the upcoming appearance on January 18th, which blew up my statistics on my website and gave me a great deal of exposure, thank you MHS! I was one of the editor’s of their school newspaper back my senior year, so another article will be coming out in I believe their next issue. This article will be much more interesting to read because I will be able to talk about the show and experience because the show would have already aired by the time the article was published. (I had to sign a waiver to not speak about my participation until after the airdate).

The exposure from the high school caught the attention of Chicago newspaper, Pioneer Press who will be interviewing me today at 4PM. I am so grateful for this because I know that this will give me even more exposure for the site!

The last bit of news I have for today is I am a potential keynote speaker for this year’s Filipino American’s Coming Together (FACT) 2010 Conference. This is the biggest mid-west conference and I got an e-mail the other day asking if I would be interested. If it all plays out, I look forward to speaking at the conference!

Hopefully by tomorrow I will be posting a video from the Philippines. While my family and I were there, we took out a little over 30 kids who spend their days selling flowers at a church to get money out to Jollibee (a very popular place to eat in the Philippines. It’s like their McDonalds). It was very fun and I have a lot of pictures to post from it!

Well, that’s all I have for the news, so I suppose I will try and go to sleep? It’s going to be a great year everyone!