I started a survey earlier this year, and one of the questions asked if there was a question someone wanted to ask me – both personal or advice. Someone asked, Who inspired you?

This was a great question, and really got me thinking. I know I have said countless times that I wanted to be the next Oprah, but that wasn’t because she inspired me, it was because she was what reminded me that it was all possible – if that makes any sense? It’s weird to say, but it isn’t who inspired me, it was more of what inspired me.

I have leaned in so many different directions that even though I know what field I want to be involved with (sports and entertainment reporting) I still don’t know what exactly it is that I want to do – simply because, there is just too much of what I want to do.

The first thing that inspired me was wanting to give back to my parents. They work so hard, that I don’t want them to work at all. I always wanted to finish school early to save them the money for the tuition. The reason I want to make it big and be famous is not for the reason of “being famous,” it’s because I know with fame comes money, and I want to use that money to help out my family, charities and others.

The other thing that inspired me was the desire to help other people. I’ve been through a lot, as everyone has, and I feel like my outlook of life from those experiences are what will help others. I don’t know everything, but I do know some things. Things that helped me get by, things that inspired me. I can’t help every single person in the world, but I hope my words help my readers.

Overall, the inspiration started with wanting to give back to my parents, help out my family, give back to others and wanting to be an inspiration to others.

Thank you for the question! And I apologize for answering so late.

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