Game 4. Cavs vs Celtics. This was a milestone. Skee and I put together a performance/collaboration with 2chainz and the Cavs. This means a lot to me for a few reasons: 8 years ago I interned for The Bulls and very few at the organization took me seriously because I was a female and only 20-years-old (thanks to those who did: CJ Watson, Stacey King, Ron Adams, Adrian, D.Rose, Shaun, Jeremy, Deng). I wasn’t mad I wasn’t taken seriously, I understood that’s what this journey was about to be – but working for the Bulls was my dream job so when that didn’t happen after the internship, I was bummed. To know 8 years later I was able to take my talents, resume, reputation and relationships from interviewing to another level with a different team feels fucking amazing. Not many women survive in this industry. Not many women are respected in this industry. Last night reminded me I have, I am and continually will. I work my ass off more than you could imagine or understand. I sacrifice and take risks that you wouldn’t believe. I do more than just talk in front of a camera and work on more off-camera than I do on but don’t feel the need to share every move I’m making. Can’t thank @djskee enough for all the opportunities and people you always connect me with. Thanks @noahsheer @streetexecstek for helping make this happen. Thank you God for trusting me to fulfill this purpose you have for me. And to everyone else – Don’t be discouraged if people don’t take your vision and dreams seriously. All that matters is you do and don’t give up until you achieve them, no matter how long it takes. Oh, and I’m wearing our collab shirt – the chains are not real lol. Only 100 were printed/sold in the arena, but we’ll be doing a giveaway on @dashradio @stockx @skeesports. Who wants one? Man. Excuse me while I go cry lol. GOD IS TOO GOOD!