Question: What can I do for my unanswered prayers?

I got an email from someone by the name of D (will never include full name) that had some questions in regards to God and my faith. Instead of just replying to the emails and messages I get – I am starting an “Ask Jen” series where I answer them in a post/video for everyone to see in case it can help someone else too.

Anyway, his questions were awesome, and require really deep answers. I’ll answer them all eventually, but going to start with #10 – What can I do for my unanswered prayers?

There is no such thing as an unanswered prayer. When you ask God for something, He will tell you one of three things: Yes, no or I have something better.

There were many times in the past that I didn’t get what I wanted or thought I needed at the time, and as the years went by I learned why that reason was – because God had a better plan for me.

I’ll admit, I still struggle with this from time-to-time. I want something so bad, and sometimes it’s hard to accept that I’m not going to get it because there’s something better in store for me. It’s really crazy to read and say that out loud because that should be the EASIEST thing in the world to accept, as it’s one of the greatest blessings God can give you.

No one knows the future but God, so I get it, it’s hard to think that there’s something better because all you see is the present. That’s where your faith is supposed to play in. You need to have 120 percent faith in God and know that at the end of the day, it will ALL work out for the best because God is a GREAT God and that’s all He would want for you. The best.

One of my favorite quotes that ties perfectly with this question is “When God gives you a no, give him a ‘Thank you.’  He was protecting you from less than his best.”

Think about the past prayers you’ve had that God rejected. Could you imagine how your life would be today had He given you what you thought you wanted?

D, I don’t know what the prayer is that you’re waiting on an answer for – but the reality is, God has already answered it, it’s just not the answer you think you want right now. With time, you’ll understand why He didn’t give you what it is that you wanted, and you’ll be grateful He didn’t.

Thank you for your questions, and I promise to answer some more of them soon!

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Hi Jen,

I just want to tell you that i’m french so i’m sorry for my mistakes. I think you”ll help me.
My questions :
1) How do you do to be sensitive about God answers ?
2) What look like recive a sign or an answer from God ?

3) How do you do to maintain and grow up your relationship with God ?
4) What makes you confident about the future ?
5) In your opinion, what can we do to make God happy ?
6) Could you tell me about your favorite verses in the bible ?
7) Who is your favorite character and your favorite story in the bible ?
8) What advices could you tell to someone looking for the truth and for God ?
9) Is that possible being abandon from God ?
10) What can I do for my unanswered prayers ?
11) Could you explain and describe the feeling about being blessed ?
12) If you have to talk about «Having faith in God» what would you say ? ( what is it ? ) 

I’m waiting for your answers. Thank you so much Jen.