Jen DeLeon offers services in her specialities: Hosting/Producing,  Interviews, Talent Booking, Marketing & Consulting and Life Coaching. Please see below for more details.

HOSTING/PRODUCING: Jen has hosted and produced for, Complex, BET Networks and SkeeTV. For the 6 years she has been hosting/producing, Jen has been coming up with her own questions and content idea and takes pride in the uniqueness she brings to every interview/piece, whether that be on-camera or behind the camera.

INTERVIEWS: Although Jen’s on-camera interviews are very exclusive, Jen offers interview features for up and coming artists on her website.

MARKETING & CONSULTING: Jen offers marketing and consulting for up and coming artists trying to break through the hip-hop industry.

TALENT BOOKING: Jen has booked talent for interviews, guests for DJ Skee’s television show, SKEE.TV on Fuse and All Def Digital.

LIFE COACHING: Jen offers life coaching for those who want advice when it comes to their life, faith, career and following their dreams. Life Coaching is available via Phone, FaceTime or an In-Person Meeting.