Haha! Okay.. so here is my interview with Perez Hilton at his One Night in Chicago event last Thursday. B.O.B. was the headliner (did not get the interview, but hey at least we tried! I ran and caught up to him but he apologized because he had to go) as well as some performances from Kid Sister (interview will be posted soon) and more. Anyway, there was a ton of media present, and instead of waiting around – once he came out I stood right in his way so he would have to run into me and got the interview. We hustled, I can say that for sure. I apologize for talking so fast in the beginning, I rushed it at first because I didn’t think I would be able to ask all the questions! Lol, well the interview turned out fine, hope you enjoy it! Check out the full post on gowherehiphop.com!