Oprah Winfrey, November 2009.

So in case you guys didn’t know, I added a question and answer section for my blog. Whether it is advice or just random questions from formspring, so why not put it on my blog?

I started formspring a long time ago and haven’t used it really, but I was looking through my old questions and I thought it would be more fun to go more in-depth with questions, instead of giving one or two sentences.

Question: How did you get the chance to meet Oprah and bball teams etc? Do you have family that have connections?

This was asked nine months ago. I got to meet Oprah because I submitted to being on her show. Just like every other talk show, they have sections on their site to be on there, you answer the question/submit your story, and then they pick. The question was something along the lines of: Are you a big texter? And everyone knows I don’t stay off my phone lol so I submit to that one. I filled it out because I was bored, I didn’t really think I would get picked lol. Long story short, they liked my response and thought it was funny. I don’t remember what I said at all, I was just rambling like I always do.

Anyway, I submit it when I started my blog, so back in August 2009, then in October I got a random call from the show and thought it was a joke. We taped in November and it aired in January 2010.

I actually thought I would just do the driving simulation with them, and had no idea I was actually going to be on television or talk, lol so that was random.

As far as the basketball teams, I only met the Bulls at the time, and only met them because I went to the Paint the Town event at Water Tower. I got there two hours early and cut everyone in line to meet all the players lol, and that’s how I met them.

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