the oneOne of the biggest decisions we make in life is choosing who to spend it with. As much as we know what we want, we should also know what we don’t want.

This is how you’ll know he’s not the one:

1. He only reaches out to you when he’s bored.

2. He doesn’t accept your quirkiness and tries to change you. You shouldn’t have to change who you are for someone to accept you. Flaws and all, baby!

3. He tells you what to do. Unless it’s in the bedroom, this is NOT okay. He is not your daddy, unless it’s . . . well, you get the point.

4. You can’t hold a conversation with him outside the bedroom.

5. You find yourself chasing him: texting, calling, poking him on FB, liking his IG posts, etc. You shouldn’t have to fight for someone’s attention.

6. He’s a jerk when his friends are around.

7. He disrespects you.

8. He doesn’t respect his mom. This is usually an indication that he won’t respect you.

9. You wouldn’t be proud to call him your husband.

10. You wouldn’t want your son to be like him.

11. He has anger issues.

12. When you feel like you have to “save him”. Save yourself the time and move on.

13. His cell phone gets more attention than you do.

14. When you find yourself making excuses for his behavior.

15. He doesn’t make you laugh.

16. He resents you for being too ambitious.

17. You’re not attracted to him; physically or mentally.

18. He’s abusive; physically or mentally.

19. He’s too emotional.

20. He blames you for every argument.

21. You can’t rely on him.

22. You can’t trust him.

23. He doesn’t show affection. I’m not saying he needs to dry-hump you, but a little hand holding wouldn’t kill him.

24. He doesn’t have goals.

25. He lies – especially if he lies about insignificant things.