Sooooo… the lockout is over, wahoo! I know this picture is irrelevant, but I meant to post it during the lockout.

Anyway, this was at the Nike: Basketball Never Stops Event at The United Center earlier this month. It was an event that brought together the Chicagoland high schools because like Nike says, Basketball Never Stops.

I had the chills when I walked into the United Center because it was the first time I had been there since the season ended. But, I got even more chills when I walked into the visitor’s locker room and saw that (picture above). I felt like I was in a movie.

Anyway, the event was hosted by WGCI and ESPN personalities, with appearances and performances from Scottie Pippen, Ace Hood, Roscoe Dash and Malik Yousef.

The footage from the event is really cool because we were able to walk anywhere we wanted on the court. We’ve got lots of close ups with the artists and of course, interviews and stories, which I will be posting throughout the week.

Sorry for the delay =/