I want my T.V. show to be different than anything anyone has ever seen. A little bit of Chelsea Lately, a little bit of George Lopez, Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres.

If I were to sum up my life in one word, it would be random – and that is exactly what I would want my show to be. I want my audience to want to always watch because they never know what to expect.

When I see people such as Chelsea Handler and George Lopez interviewing people it’s always funny, and I would want to do that, but I would also want some of my interviews to be on a more serious level, like Oprah.

Everyday I am always thinking of something new I would want to do if I ever had my own TV show, so if I shared everything I have wrote down in the last year – this post would take you forever to read. I’m sure by the end of the year, I will have too many ideas that I will end up wanting to have multiple shows lol.

I want to have fun, get as many people involved as possible, and have it personalized – but, at the end of the day, I want my show to inspire people – just like what I try to do with parts of my blog. I want to use people to share their stories, give advice, etc.

I’m no expert, but I like to help when I can by using the experiences I have been through, while also sharing my opinions on topics that I have learned through the experiences of others. This is exactly why I wanted a show in the first place – it would be the easiest way to spread the messages I want to share with the world.

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