What you didn’t know about Kodak Black.

Everything you’ve read or heard about Kodak Black has to do with being co-signed by Drake or doing time. I wanted to get to know the 18-year-old rapper as a person, and who he is beyond the music and negative press. Watch the interview to see Kodak Black from a different perspective – And I must say, he’s pretty damn funny.

0:393:42 // Social media
3:438:29 // Day one’s and his inner circle
8:309:32 // His plan for 2016
9:3311:52 // Having a hard time adjusting to fame
11:5313:00 // Favorite books and being a scholar
13:0113:10 // Playing people
13:1115:21 // God, church, religion and prayer
15:2216:54 // His image and appearance
16:5520:15 // Pet peeves when it comes to women
20:1623:32 // His fake name and blogs