I just got home a bit ago from The Game’s private listening event for “Jesus Piece.”

About 100 people gathered together at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood, and celebrated the anticipated album over food, champagne and 40 oz’s – but I had a different agenda.

Whenever I go to events, yes, it is for coverage, but the number one reason I really enjoy going is to network. I will literally go up to people I either haven’t met, or have seen at past events to introduce myself and get their contact information. Honestly, if you say as little as “hi” to me, I’m taking your information.

So, after stuffing my face with the most amazing corn bread that has ever grazed this Earth, and getting chicken out of my hair (I am the most embarrassing person to be around), I spent three hours of my day networking.

It’s crazy how much love and support L.A. has for each other. I swear, I have seen some of the same people five times in the last few weeks at different events, which made it easier for me to approach them if we have never previously spoke. Whether that’s running into Clyde Carson three days in a row, the VP of Sony I saw at Jimmy Kimmel I never got to introduce myself to, or the rep at Interscope that I’ve been e-mailing the last four months and could never put a face to – I walked away with my phone on low battery, new contacts and establishing a familiar face with some of the heavy hitters in the industry.

“Hi, I see you everywhere, so I thought I’d introduce myself. What’s your name?”

“Hey you’re the girl from the turkey giveaway! Jen, right?”

“Are you Jen DeLeon?”

Those are three of the things that were said to me today, which made me want to show up at more events. I MUST meet every possible person in L.A. There’s no other option. HotNewHipHop has too many plans and ideas that simply cannot go to waste.

So, with that being said, to everyone in the industry – I promise, you’re going to know me sooner than later.

Anyway, I posted a gallery of the photos on HotNewHipHop, so check those out! In the meantime, here is a little preview of them from my Instagram.

Last but certainly not least, be sure to pick up “Jesus Piece” on December 11th!!