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I’ve never had someone stop me mid-interview (thought he was about to say something bad, my heart stopped lol). This meant so much to me. I’ve been doing interviews for almost 9 years now. Yes. 9. Since I was 20-years-old. I’ve done over 300 interviews. Some have gone viral and hit millions of views, some with the biggest artists that don’t hit more than a couple thousand views. I’ve booked a TV role as myself as a correspondent (Nellyville – Season 1 finale). I quit the best paying job I had at the time because they made me pick between the company or my dreams – then maxed out a credit card the next week to build a set… and it didn’t go the way I planned. Does it get frustrating when people ask how I don’t have more followers or my own show yet? FUCK. YES. But having my own show is STILL going to happen – It’s just going to take a longer time (I don’t care if it takes another 20 years) because I’m doing it the right way and because it will happen on God’s time. I didn’t get into interviews because I wanted to be famous or for a check. I do it because I love talking and bringing out a side of people you don’t see. I did it because I know it was my PURPOSE to use my gift of talking to inspire and help people. THIS IS HAPPENING, because I’m not stopping or losing faith until it does. Thank you @DavidBannerLikesPictures. Interview drops tomorrow.

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