Shots shots shots shots shots shots!

Today I was a guest for Quest Nutrition’s Cook Clean in 15 where I made cereal bar protein shots.

I first linked with Quest Nutrition through Brandon (marketing rep) who reached out because he had been following my work. This happened a month ago, which turned into gifting my show guests with Quest Nutrition gift baskets to me being a guest on their show.

It’s funny because whenever I do on-camera work I’m the one doing the interview and I’m also never live. This time, I got interviewed and it was live on their Facebook! I really enjoyed the show because I’ve always loved doing something different.

Sidenote, when they did giveaways, one of my friends won (shoutout to Adam). I was so thrown off and couldn’t help but laugh because I didn’t think people were watching like that.

Big thank you to their wonderful team for having me, I had such a great time and looking forward to working with them in the future!