Brick_wallControl: sway, power, authority, mind.

What makes you angry? Why does it make you angry? After thinking and talking about things that bothered me, JR made me realize that there is no reason to get mad or upset about things we have no control over – we have to take it as it is. They are as what my mentor says “energy takers.”

The things that happen to us build up like a wall; however, we all have limitations and sometimes when the last brick to the wall happens, we go out in rage. But what exactly do we get so angry about? Something that someone did to us to make us feel so bad about ourselves? Something that happened to someone we love and wish it didn’t happen to them? It’s typically something we have no control over

We waste our  energy getting mad or upset about things we can’t do anything about. Whether it’s something in the past or something you simply can’t physically do anything about, so why waste your time? There are always going to be people who bring you down, people who will hurt you – but you can’t let those negative things keep you from your happiness and the goals you have in your life. Be happy that the situations you find to be “bad” could be worst and be thankful that it isn’t.

“Remember we come into this world alone and we leave alone so it only makes sense that we have to do many things on our own. Sometimes you’re gonna be the only one pushing yourself.” – JR.

We can’t always depend on others, because people will always fail you. Push yourself, because the only thing you personally have control over are how you react to the situations you put yourself in. Channel your energy not towards anger, but to something that will benefit you. Put all that energy into your dreams and what you want to do with your life because as I already mentioned, sometimes you’re gonna be the only one pushing yourself.

Thank you JR and Billy reminding me of this because if it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have wrote this blog.

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