imagesThis year went by so fast, I can’t believe Christmas is already around the corner. Yesterday, someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas via Twitter, and to be honest, I don’t want, nor did I ask for anything this year.

All I want for Christmas is to spend it at home with my family. I want to spend every day and stay up all night with my brother and cousins, I want to have home cooked meals, I want to lounge around in pajamas all day and not put any make-up on, I want to fall asleep watching TV in my living room, I want to sleep all day (the most sleep I ever get is when I’m at home), I want to go through my baby pictures and scrapbooks, I want to see random fruit smoothies made for me by my brother because he thinks I need to be healthier, I want my parents to get mad at me while we’re eating because I talk too much, I want to have a random date night and sleepover with my two best girl friends, Lauren and Kat, and sing our annoying song to Dominick (my Godson) at his gravesite and go to all my favorite food spots and drink in my basement with my best friends at home. Everything I mentioned is my routine whenever I go visit home – so forget the material things, or having a wish list, I already have everything I want for Christmas.