5 Ways to NOT Get at Me

A couple weeks ago, I told you what I look for in a guy. Today, I want to tell youRead More

Ask Jen: What Do You Look For In A Guy?

I getĀ asked this pretty often, so I wanted to make it into a post. What do I look for inRead More

What Hurts and Annoys me the Most

Everything that has happened in my life was because of two things: God and the people who gave me aRead More

Logically > Emotionally

Last night I was having a conversation with my friend, Carl Yu. Due to our schedules, we haven’t been ableRead More

Take The Lovey-Dovey Off Facebook

Last night I was having yet another conversation with one of my good friends, Timmy Apuli – a.k.a. Tim Koda.Read More

Control and The Brick Wall

Control: sway, power, authority, mind. What makes you angry? Why does it make you angry? After thinking and talking aboutRead More

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