Bobby Shmurda is fairly new to the rap game thing, but following his Shmoney Dance and “Hot Nigga” record going viral, he quickly inked a deal with Epic Records. He hasn’t done too many interviews at this point, but we caught up with him last week to get the word on his favorite “Hot Nigga” freestyle/remix, as well as who we can expect on the official remix.
“So far, we’ve got Chris Brown on it, we’ve got French, we’ve got Jada[kiss], we’ve got Busta [Rhymes]. We’ve got a stack of people we’re still picking. The label said we can throw like 6 people on there. People are still sending verses,” Shmurda told us, as we initially reported on Friday. The official remix is slated to drop in the next two weeks, Shmurda says.

The New York native is also working on a mixtape, an album AND an EP, apparently. Watch the exclusive HotNewHipHop interview above.
Plus peep a quick Shmoney Dance tutorial at the end!