I’m a little late on this – but better late than never.

Earlier this month, Big Sean came into town for his Finally Famous tour. Prior to the show, he had a meet and greet at The Bassment.

I was in attendance for media reasons, so I was able to see everything from before the meet and greet started, all the way up until he left.

One thing I really want to share is how much Big Sean really does love his fans. He does not do it for the publicity, it comes off as very genuine – and here are my examples:

In the beginning of the meet and greet, the DJ announced that no pictures could be taken with him. Of course, this really disappointed the fans, but I heard Big Sean go, “man that’s whack,” as he apologized to them.

Although security was very strict about it, he still slipped in a few pictures with his fans to make them happy,  and hugged almost all of them, thanking them for their support.

Not only was he great in front of his fans during the actual meet and greet, he also was behind closed doors.

The label had the media go to the back of the store to wait for Big Sean for some potential interviews. Unfortunately, he was on a time limit and  needed to be on stage at The Metro within a half an hour. I remember one girl asking for an interview, and he was actually about to do it until he was pulled away by security and his PR representative. He was yelling, “I’m really sorry, I promise I would do the interview, but they won’t let me.”

Anyway, just thought I’d share that because it was very inspiring to see him giving love to his fans, no matter the circumstances. I’ve attended many events, but I’ve never seen an artist go so above and beyond for his fans.

Shoutout to Shebaz of The Bassment, the Atlantic reps, and Darryl of Universal for all your help that evening!