we-all-have-the-same-24-hours_1xHi Jen,

I wanted to reach out to you, maybe for some guidance. I am local Chicagoan as well. I’m also Asian so maybe you can relate to my situation a lot. I do a little bit of acting. I did free lance journalism for almost a year and half and than I had a job offer from “Travel Host” that I didn’t take. I am now currently back in Chicago and an account executive for PCM. How did you balance a normal career and what you really wanted to do? I can’t afford to go after it 100% and with 2 full time jobs it gets a little hectic. do you have any advice? My family actually lives in MN so I really have no base support in the city. I think its really great what you’ve done with your brand and have really branded yourself as an individual. I admire that. Who better to get advice from then another woman who has been in similar shoes.

(Name Removed)

First and foremost, props to you for working two full-time jobs and still wanting to go after what you really want to do. The advice I have is to make the time to do it. There are 24 hours in a day, and although you’re exhausted after work, if you really want to do what you say you want to do, you’re going to find a way. It’s about sacrifice, and I know you’re already doing a lot of that by working 2 jobs (seriously, that’s amazing and you are clearly a hard worker!) – now, you just need to take it to a higher level. Cut back on sleep, cut back on going out and spending time with friends. Use the time off that you have to go for what you really want to be doing everyday for the rest of your life.

You asked me how I did this, but the truth is, I’m still trying to find this balance and struggled with it heavy these last few months – it made me think I didn’t want it as bad as I claim to. I love my job and I’ve honestly never been so happy – BUT, I am not where I want to be when it comes to my personal brand (my blog, video blogs, etc.) Once I realized that my dedication tripled. No matter what, everyday I do something that brings me closer to my dream, big or small. Whether that’s writing a blog, scheduling an interview, doing research, I do it.

I’m not sure what your dream is, but whatever it is, just start working towards it now even if it’s baby steps. Anything is better than nothing.

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