An in-depth interview with August Alsina.

With “This Thing Called Life” just around the corner, Jen DeLeon sits down with August Alsina for her Life Lessons series. Watch the in-depth interview where August talks about everything from the importance of growing, learning to love yourself, his hate for fame and much more.

0:002:46 // “Honest” artists
3:084:52 // Faith and His relationship with God
4:537:22 // Growing everyday
7:238:43 // Doing what God wants you to do
8:449:46 // Importance of growing
9:4712:00 // His definition of “love”
12:0114:19 // Depending on someone else to love you
14:2015:37 // The last thing he learned about himself
15:3818:01 // Hate for fame
18:0220:48 // Being patient when following your dreams
20:4922:51 // Coming from the bottom
22:5225:02 // Learning through pain and having to share his experiences with the world
25:0328:17 // Falling completely out of love with music
28:1829:34 // Don’t fucking flatter me
29:3531:00 // What’s for you, not a soul in the world can take away from you.
31:01 – 33:16 // “This Thing Called Life”