RejectedLast week, someone submit an question – well, I guess it wasn’t really a question, here’s what he said: “I keep getting curved by females and I’m tired of it!” 

Both the male and female species can relate to this so I wanted to give my two cents.

When you get rejected or you don’t get what you want from the opposite sex, stop complaining! You’re dodging a bullet, so at the end of the day, it’s really a blessing in disguise.

Take an inventory of the type of person/people you’re trying to pursue. Are you really trying to date them? Or are you just trying to hit once and be done with it? If it’s number one, you may need to pursue a different type of person because that person won’t be good for you in the long run – if it’s number two, then I really don’t know what you’re complaining for.

Since it was a guy – let me ask all guys this. Do you really want to smash/be with a girl that’s that easy to get with? And to those who said, “yes” I don’t mean temporarily, because I’m sure that’s what you were thinking.

From a woman’s opinion, when I “curve” guys it’s because I know that’s all they want. Have some respect and please stop thinking with your dick – There’s more to a woman than a vagina.

To the guy who submit this, I don’t know if you fall in category 1 or 2, but based off of your response to my advice, I’ll go ahead and assume it was #1. Stop being irritated by getting curved by the wrong females, because if you ended up with one of the ones you didn’t get what you wanted from – it would have just been a headache, especially if it’s the wrong one. Females can be crazy. Females can be bitches. Trust me, I know lol.

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