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Yes, I dedicated a whole post for this.

Question: Do you wear thongs? Do you think thongs are trashy?

Lol yes, some pervert really asked me this question on my account. And yes, I am dedicating a whole post for my answer. And pause – that makes you a pervert too because you’re reading this lol.

(If you’re really not a pervert, and you were asking because you were genuinely interested in my choice of wardrobe [doubt it] – I take back calling you a pervert).

ANYWAY – How exactly do I go into detail about if I wear thongs without just saying “yes” or “no?” By telling you about my first experience with these butt strings.

Alright so – I first started wearing thongs either in 8th grade or freshman year of high school. If it was 8th grade, that’s really sad and unnecessary, and makes me feel trashy. Sadly, I can’t remember.

Anyway – When I started wearing them, I was scared and didn’t want my parents to know so I’d hide them. I’d put them at the bottom of my drawer, and do secret thong laundry (because Mom would always do our laundry).

Guess at the time I thought they were trashy because I was so scared of them finding out lol. Now? No, I don’t think they’re trashy considering I’m not running around the streets with just a g-string on (that would be trashy). I wear them so no ugly lines show through my clothes, and because they’re surprisingly comfortable.

To whoever asked me that, interesting choice of questions – I’m going to assume you asked both of them. And no, the image in this post is not one of my thongs.

P.S. this post got 400 views the first night I posted, but no comments. Hahahaha, got you! And thanks for reading 😉

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