This was the original article from that Sgt. Tibs wrote up to recap the Nike’s Basketball Never Stops campaign:

“In our second interview of the day today (check out our sit-down with B.o.B from earlier this morning), we have a one-on-one chat with Ace Hood just outside the Bulls locker room at the United Center! See, Ace Hood was a performer, alongside Roscoe DashMalik Yusef, and special guest Scottie Pippen (who spoke, not rapped), to a gathering of Chicago high school men’s and women’s basketball teams at the UC for Nike Basketball’s #BasketballNeverStops campaign.

Anywho, the video… Ace Hood talks with Jen DeLeon about the reasoning behind the title of his latest album Blood, Sweat, & Tears, the creative process behind his hit single working with Chris Brown on “Body 2 Body” (the remix dropped today… see: below), and what it felt like to perform at the United Center. This interview is one of our more unique ones because Stan PerryI were filming the performance and then immediately after, we pulled Ace aside for a few quick questions. So basically, this video contains the end of Ace’s performance, followed by our raw footage of meeting him backstage, leading right into the interview. See for yourselves above and expect more footage from #BasketballNeverStops throughout the week!”